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The neck is often the first area to reveal the signs of aging, with many patients feeling insecure about their neck's appearance well before they notice facial aging. Conversely, younger individuals frequently seek improvement for different reasons, such as reducing under-chin fat for a more defined profile. At Impressions Face + Body, we understand these varied needs. Our experts will guide you through selecting the most suitable neck contouring options, ensuring an outcome that rejuvenates and harmonizes seamlessly with your overall appearance.

Neck Contouring in Chicago

Undergoing a neck contouring procedure means placing a significant aspect of your appearance in trusted hands. At Impressions Face + Body in Chicago, we understand the gravity of this trust. Our team, led by Dr. Dayan, has decades of experience and the latest cosmetic technology. We are dedicated to merging scientific precision with artistic refinement to deliver neck contouring results that genuinely reflect and enhance your natural beauty.

What is Neck Contouring?

Neck contouring is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the appearance of the neck and chin. It involves techniques that result in a firmer, smoother, and more aesthetically pleasing neck area. This procedure can significantly transform one’s appearance by addressing issues like a thick, wrinkled, or sagging neck, often making a person look noticeably younger or giving the impression of weight loss. Beyond just improving the neck itself, neck contouring is valuable for bringing a new sense of balance to the facial features. It achieves this by defining a more distinct jawline, which in turn beautifully frames and complements the entire face.

Types of Neck Contouring


Neck Lift

Known medically as a lower rhytidectomy, the neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate the lower face and neck area. It effectively addresses a range of concerns including sagging skin, vertical banding, excess submental fat, a double chin, and wrinkles on the neck, resulting in a more youthful and refined appearance.

Neck and Chin Liposuction

This technique elevates traditional liposuction methods, employing advanced approaches that extend beyond a simple incision under the chin. It offers thorough contouring that encompasses the chin, jawline, and neck, providing a harmonized and sculpted profile.

Chicago’s Trusted Neck Contouring Specialists

Choose a transformative experience with Impressions Face + Body, where each procedure is a collaborative endeavor to uncover your truest self. At our clinic, we don't alter but honor your unique beauty, unveiling it through our dedication to empowering insightful, and dynamic treatment.

Featured Member

Dr. Steven Dayan

Dr. Steven Dayan, a distinguished facial plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience, has successfully guided over 50,000 patients along their aesthetic journeys. An acclaimed New York Times best-selling author of six books on beauty and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Dayan is also at the forefront of medical advancements as the founder of DeNova Research. At Impressions Face + Body clinic in Chicago, he upholds a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every patient experiences the pinnacle of care.

Featured Memebers 3

Dr. Caughlin

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin has revolutionized facial aesthetics, introducing signature procedures like Cheekago™ and The Face BBL™ that are reshaping the industry. Embracing the motto "Not Your Mom's Plastic Surgeon," Dr. Caughlin stands out with an approach that's innovative, bold, and unmistakably original. His acclaimed techniques have not only captured the attention of a global clientele but have also been celebrated in top medical journals as benchmarks of surgical excellence.

Renowned for his expertise in refining facial contours through buccal fat pad reduction and jawline sculpting, Dr. Caughlin's name is synonymous with artful precision and groundbreaking results. His practice has become a beacon for those seeking transformative outcomes, drawing patients from around the globe eager to experience his visionary methods.

What to Expect for Your Neck Contouring

The team at Impressions Face + Body cares deeply about your entire transformation journey, not just the outcomes.

Your Neck Contouring Consultation

We recognize every individual's uniqueness and dedicate time to understanding your specific goals, preferences, and expectations during the consultation. In this session, we'll review your medical history and closely evaluate your chin area to devise a transformative plan that enhances your features while preserving your distinctive look. This consultation allows you to raise questions about the treatment options and share specific requests. With a clear understanding of your personal objectives, we will collaboratively develop a tailored plan for your neck contouring journey.

How to Prepare for Your Neck Contouring

Our medical team will provide comprehensive pre-surgery guidelines before your neck contouring surgery at Impressions Face + Body. These preparations might include additional medical evaluations, modifications to your current medication regimen, and a pause on specific pain relievers or supplements. For optimal healing, it's crucial to refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption before the procedure. The surgery itself is conducted on an outpatient basis, allowing you to return home after a brief period of post-operative monitoring. Remember, you'll need to arrange transportation home as driving yourself will not be an option.

During Your Neck Contouring Treatment

Depending on the neck contouring treatment you choose, the procedure will vary. Rest assured, you will thoroughly understand the surgery steps you will undergo to achieve a more defined and youthful appearance.

Neck Contouring Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

We'll provide key guidance for your at-home care to support your recovery after neck contouring. This will include information on the expected swelling and bruising levels, the time needed for at-home recovery, and advice on when it's safe to return to vigorous physical activities.

Am I a Good Candidate for Neck Contouring?

Determining your candidacy for neck augmentation, including neck and chin liposuction or a neck lift, depends on various factors.

  • Neck and Chin Liposuction: This procedure is ideal if you're looking to eliminate localized fat deposits in the chin and neck area. Suitable candidates typically have good skin elasticity, which allows the skin to contract effectively post-procedure. It’s especially beneficial for those who haven't achieved the desired results with diet and exercise alone.
  • Neck Lift: If you're experiencing sagging skin or a loss of muscle tone in the neck area, a neck lift might be the right choice. This procedure effectively addresses visible signs of aging in the neck and improves the overall contour. Candidates for a neck lift often include individuals with excess, drooping skin or those who desire a more defined jawline and neck profile.
    Good overall health and realistic expectations about the outcome are important in both cases. If you're considering neck augmentation, a consultation with Dr. Dayan or Dr. Caughlin at Impressions Face + Body in Chicago will provide a comprehensive evaluation. They will assess your concerns, discuss your aesthetic goals, and determine the most suitable approach for your neck contouring needs.

Neck Contouring Benefits

Neck contouring offers a range of aesthetic and psychological benefits, making it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their appearance. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Improved Profile: Neck contouring creates a more defined jawline and chin, offering a sleeker and more balanced profile.
  • Youthful Appearance: By addressing issues like sagging skin and excess fat, this procedure can take years off your appearance, giving a fresher, more youthful look.
  • Enhanced Confidence: The improved physical appearance can significantly boost self-esteem and confidence, as patients feel more comfortable and positive about their looks.
  • Versatility: With options like neck lifts or liposuction, neck contouring can be tailored to meet individual needs, whether removing excess fat, tightening loose skin, or both.
  • Minimal Scarring: Techniques used in neck contouring are designed to minimize visible scarring, often hiding incisions in natural creases or inconspicuous areas.
  • Long-Lasting Results: The outcomes of neck contouring are typically long-lasting, especially when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.
How much does neck contouring cost in Chicago?
The cost of neck contouring in Chicago varies greatly for each patient, as the treatment is designed for your unique needs. Please contact us for a consultation so we can provide an accurate cost.
Can I tighten my saggy neck without surgery?
Patients who want a non-surgical solution to dealing with sagging neck skin can undergo a series of laser treatments or injectables. Again, as each patient's needs vary, a consultation is the only way to determine which solution is best for you.
How long do neck contouring results last?
Depending on the treatment chosen, surgical neck contouring treatments can last for 12 to 15 years, but the longevity varies from person to person.
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Neck Contouring FAQs
  • How much does neck contouring cost in Chicago?
  • Can I tighten my saggy neck without surgery?
  • How long do neck contouring results last?
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