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Like weight gain and loss, which are common experiences, having excess fat in specific body areas can be more favorable for some. Although uneven fat distribution does not diminish your natural facial and bodily beauty, there's an opportunity to sculpt your appearance. Through a fat transfer treatment at Impressions Face + Body, you can efficiently relocate fat from one area to another, aligning your body's contours with your personal aesthetic preferences.

Fat Transfer in Chicago

Combining artistry with cutting edge techniques is the norm at Impressions Face + Body. With our talented and personable team of experienced specialists led by renowned surgeons at the top of their game, we help you achieve flawless results while letting your unique beauty shine through with all our procedures—including fat transfer. While we embrace body positivity, we understand that transferring fat from one place to another can transform your self-confidence—and we want to be a part of that.

What Is Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer is the process of removing fat through liposuction from one body area to another. This comes in many different ways, but a popular example is when fat is taken from the stomach and re-injected into a different area of the body, like the butt. This fat transfer will enhance your appearance by adding volume to the areas you want to target for a beautiful contour to combat the signs of aging.

This innovative and advanced surgical procedure utilizes excess fatty tissue from one area of the body and is refined and purified. Once done, it is then injected into the area that you want to improve. Other common names for this procedure are fat injections and fat grafting. The process requires no incisions at the target site and produces natural results! No one will ever know that you had the procedure done.

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Chicago’s Trusted Fat Transfer Surgeons

Impressions Face + Body is the leading cosmetic medicine destination in Chicago, with dedicated and experienced specialists led by esteemed board-certified surgeons, such as Dr. Steven Dayan and Dr. Caughlin.

Featured Member

Dr. Steven Dayan

As the leading facial plastic surgeon in Chicago, Dr. Steven Dayan is the jack of all trades—and master of all. From publishing 6 books and over 175 articles in medical journals, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that he has passed on to the team of specialists that he leads.

With over 23 years of hands-on experience in the field, Dr. Dayan lets his numerous accolades speak for themselves while still being personable, warm, and empathetic. With Dr. Dayan and the team at Impressions Face + Body, you’ll be placed as the top priority, with the utmost care and respect given at every stage.

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Dr. Ben Caughlin

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin has masterfully redefined the contours of cosmetic excellence with his signature Cheekago™ and The Face BBL™ procedures. Embracing the bold mantra, "Not Your Mom's Plastic Surgeon," he infuses the field with an innovative, audacious spirit that's unmistakably his own.

Earning international acclaim, Dr. Caughlin's surgical artistry has been highlighted as a beacon of innovation in esteemed medical journals, celebrated as a "surgical pearl" within Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. His profound expertise in reshaping the buccal fat pad and chiseling the jawline draws clients from across the globe, seeking the transformative effects of his trailblazing techniques.

What To Expect for Your Fat Transfer Procedure

Whether it’s your first time undergoing a cosmetic procedure, or you’ve previously benefited from the services Impressions Face + Body provide, we pour our undivided attention towards addressing your needs and questions at every stage—from the first consultation to post-recovery.

Your Fat Transfer Consultation

Your health is paramount to us, so undergoing an initial consultation is crucial. One of the best advantages of this procedure is that it contours 2 areas. The therapy takes away unwanted fat from one area to add definition to another. Therefore, it can be taken from many different areas. During your primary consultation with Dr. Dayan, he will examine the areas that you desire to be treated to see if it is a good and safe option for your unique condition. Areas include:

  • Love handles
  • Lower abdomen
  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Upper back
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Calves
We will also review your medical history to determine whether fat transfer is the right treatment for you, and you can let us know whether you have specific concerns or questions. Then, we come up with a detailed and personalized plan for the treatment, including how to prepare, what will happen during the procedure, and the best ways to optimize recovery.

How To Prepare for Your Fat Transfer

You’ll get specific recommendations (like supplements or medications to avoid) tailored to your needs in your unique plan, but we generally recommend getting any comfortable clothing, ice packs, and cushions ready so you can be comfortable post-procedure.

During Your Fat Transfer Procedure

At Impressions Face + Body, we perform innovative and cutting-edge fat transfer, with minimal intrusions. We’ll take excess fat from specific areas on your body, refine and purify it, and then inject it into other areas to suit your preference. Because we do it carefully, this results in beautifully natural results with minimal scarring. The excess fat that is taken from one area of the body can be situated in just about any location where more volume is desired. Popular injection sites that we have seen at our clinic include:

  • Breasts
  • Around the mouth
  • Lips
  • Buttocks
  • Cheek Bones
Fat transfer procedures can typically be performed in under an hour.

Fat Transfer Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

Most body contouring procedures, including fat grafting, typically require up to a year for complete healing and final results. However, fat transfer shows significant changes within weeks. Initially, expect bruising and swelling, which will gradually subside, leading to full improvement over the following weeks and months.

After the procedure, you'll be briefly monitored before returning home to begin recovery. It's advisable to have someone with you for the first few days post-surgery. Typically, a 1 to 2-week work break is recommended, along with avoiding exercise and heavy lifting. You'll need to wear compression garments for 4-6 weeks. Recovery time varies per individual, so it's crucial to adhere to Dr. Dayan's specific post-op instructions to prevent complications.

Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Do you want to get rid of fat in one area of your body and at the same time add volume to another? Then, you are an ideal candidate for fat grafting. This procedure is available for both men and women, and the age ranges from 18-70 years old. Generally, candidates are:

  • In good overall health
  • Do not smoke or drink in excess
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Can take time away from work for recovery

Fat Transfer Benefits

Fat transfer, a revolutionary body contouring technique, offers a myriad of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetic enhancements. This procedure not only elevates confidence and self-esteem but also plays a significant role in reducing the appearance of cellulite, thus improving skin texture and tone. By rejuvenating your body, it smoothes and refines your curves, lending a more youthful and contoured look.

One of the standout advantages of fat transfer is its ability to yield long-lasting results that maintain a natural appearance. Unlike other procedures that may result in an artificial or 'done' look, fat transfer harmonizes with your body's natural contours, offering subtle yet impactful changes.

Additionally, this technique stands out for its versatility. It allows for the simultaneous improvement of various areas of your body in a single procedure. This aspect is not only cost-effective but also reduces overall recovery time compared to having multiple separate procedures.

Fat Transfer Risks

Just like any surgical procedure, there are certain risks. These include bleeding, fluid buildup, or undesirable results. However, our team is highly experienced in fat transfer, which minimizes these risks from occurring.
How much does a fat transfer cost in Chicago?
This will greatly depend on the number of areas you want fat to be removed from and added to. During your initial consultation, you’ll get an estimated cost for the whole procedure.
How painful is a fat transfer?
The donor and recipient site are typically treated with a local anesthetic, though some patients may also opt for sedation.
How long do fat transfer results last?
Generally speaking, yes, fat grafting is a permanent solution. However, it is essential that patients understand that as the body ages, there is a loss of volume and smaller amounts of collagen produced. Additionally, patients should follow a regular exercise schedule to ensure that any fat that was transferred from one area doesn’t come back.
Does Fat Transfer Cause Scarring?
Because the procedure is invasive, there may be scarring. However, Dr. Dayan has years of experience performing this procedure and knows different techniques to strategically make incisions in areas that can be naturally concealed. During your consultation, he will thoroughly review the location of your anticipated incisions with you.
Is fat transfer covered by insurance?
Procedure performed solely for cosmetic purposes are typically not covered by insurance. However, some degree of coverage may be available for fat transfer procedures used to treat scars resulting from accident or injury.
Will it be possible for me to drive myself home after the fat transfer procedure?
Fat transfer procedure typically involves little or no downtime, though patients receiving sedation should not drive themselves home after the procedure.
Are there any limitations to what fat transfer procedures can achieve?
Fat transfer is often not able to treat severe surface wrinkles, which are better treated with chemical peels, dermabrasion or laser treatments. In addition, a browlift or facelift can typically better treat deep folds in the face or brow caused by loose skin or overactive muscles. The results achieved with fat transfer are not permanent.
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Fat Transfer
  • How much does a fat transfer cost in Chicago?
  • How painful is a fat transfer?
  • How long do fat transfer results last?
  • Does Fat Transfer Cause Scarring?
  • Is fat transfer covered by insurance?
  • Will it be possible for me to drive myself home after the fat transfer procedure?
  • Are there any limitations to what fat transfer procedures can achieve?
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