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At Impressions Face + Body, we understand that wrinkles and deepening creases are a natural part of aging, but we also believe you should have options regarding your appearance. Belotero dermal fillers are here to help. This treatment smooths out those lines quickly and effectively, blending seamlessly with your skin for natural-looking results.

Belotero in Chicago

Impressions Face + Body is a haven where skill meets individualized care, aligning with each client's unique aesthetic aspirations. The foundation of our success in facial aesthetics is largely attributed to Dr. Dayan's artistic finesse and innovative vision. With over 23 years of experience and dual board certifications, Dr. Dayan is a beacon of excellence in the cosmetic industry, celebrated for his groundbreaking techniques and unwavering commitment to aesthetic artistry.

What is Belotero?

Belotero is a versatile prescription injectable designed to smooth out those noticeable lines and wrinkles, particularly around the nose and mouth. It's also effective in adding subtle volume to cheeks and lips and filling the under-eye hollows that become more pronounced with age. The key to Belotero's effectiveness is its main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the body. This makes it well-suited for creating natural-looking results.

Chicago’s Trusted Belotero Specialists

Impressions Face + Body ensures your utmost comfort and confidence in dermal fillers. Our personalized approach promises genuine care tailored to your unique aesthetic desires. With us, it's not about drastic changes but enhancing your natural beauty. Our comprehensive care goes beyond the injection: we advocate for a complete facial health regimen combining nutrition, vitamins, exercise, and quality skincare. This holistic approach helps maximize the effects of fillers and sustain a youthful glow. As you return to the world, expect compliments on your refreshed look without anyone pinpointing exactly what's different.

Featured Member

Michelle Ruffino, MS, PA-C

Michelle is a NCCPA Board Certified Physician Assistant and esteemed member of the American Academy of Physicians Assistants. With an educational background that spans a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Medicine from Augustana College to a Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant studies from Rosalind Franklin University/The Chicago Medical School (2003), her expertise is unparalleled. Beyond treating patients, Michelle is a pivotal figure in medical training, holding roles as a Certified Clinical Research Associate and leading a preceptorship program for up-and-coming medical students and Physician Assistants. As a seasoned injection specialist, she is dedicated to advancing the field, training injectors of various expertise levels nationwide.

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With a practitioner degree from North Park University, Selika brings 24 years of experience in Aesthetic and Internal Medicine, and Adult Clinical Psychiatry. Renowned for her detailed approach in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, she's an expert at injecting Belotero and collaborates closely with Dr. Steven Dayan in clinical and research roles. An educator at heart, Selika has mentored physicians, nurses, and students while staying abreast of the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments. 

What to Expect for Your Belotero Procedure

At Impressions Face + Body, we are not just result-oriented; we are devoted to every phase of your transformation journey.

Your Belotero Consultation

Your Belotero journey begins with a comprehensive consultation, where our team's expertise meets your personal aesthetic aspirations. We delve deep into understanding your skin's unique characteristics and actively listen to your beauty goals. This initial conversation is pivotal as we blend your vision with our professional insight to determine if Belotero is the ideal choice for you.

In our clinic, your journey is as individual as you are. We meticulously tailor each treatment plan to align perfectly with your needs. Transparency is key in our partnership – we'll walk you through every detail of the Belotero treatment, ensuring you are fully informed about the procedure and the total cost.

How to Prepare for Your Belotero Filler

One of the most convenient things about Belotero treatment is that there's very little prep involved for the patient. After your consultation, you'll be booked for an appointment, and we'll handle the rest.

During Your Belotero Procedure

At Impressions Face + Body, we ensure that your Belotero treatment is transformative and a comfortable and swift experience. The entire procedure, from beginning to end, typically spans just about an hour and fifteen minutes. We prioritize your comfort; hence, we apply topical anesthetics to your skin, minimizing discomfort during the treatment.

Once the anesthetic has effectively numbed the area, the journey to your enhanced beauty begins. Our specialists will administer the Belotero filler with precision and care using fine gauge needles. This gel-like substance, designed for subtlety and effectiveness, is gently injected into the skin, sculpting and revitalizing from within.

The results are immediate, bringing a visible enhancement to your skin's texture and appearance.

Belotero Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

Belotero treatments at our clinic are designed for your lifestyle, requiring minimal to no downtime. Most of our clients find themselves ready to return to their daily activities just minutes after the procedure, embracing the ease and efficiency of their transformation.

While the recovery process is remarkably swift, we advise a brief pause on certain activities to ensure optimal results. For about 24 hours post-treatment, we recommend avoiding strenuous activities, direct sun exposure, and touching or pressing the treated area. Also, it's best to refrain from applying makeup or consuming alcohol during this period. These simple precautions help in achieving the best possible outcome.

Some clients may notice mild discomfort or swelling around the injection site, which is a typical response and usually subsides within a few hours. Applying a cold pack to the area is an effective remedy for relief.

Am I a Good Candidate for Belotero?

Belotero is most effective for those experiencing fine lines or a loss of volume under the eyes in the specific areas this treatment targets. Candidates must be in good overall physical health and non-smokers, clearly understanding the procedure and realistic expectations for the results.

Our commitment to your safety and satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, we advise that Belotero may not be suitable for individuals with severe allergies, particularly gram-positive bacterial proteins. Our expert team is here to guide you through this journey, ensuring that Belotero aligns perfectly with your needs and health profile as part of our dedication to providing personalized, professional care.

Belotero Benefits

Belotero is a cosmetic treatment that blends minimal discomfort with maximum impact. Our approach ensures that you have a comfortable and transformative experience.

The results of Belotero are not just immediate but also a testament to the art of aesthetic perfection. You will see the changes right after the procedure.

Belotero is synonymous with convenience. This 100% safe treatment respects your time and lifestyle, requiring no recovery period. You can step into our clinic and step out, ready to continue your day, carrying the newfound confidence and beauty that Belotero promises.

How Painful is Belotero Filler?
The procedure is virtually pain-free. You might encounter slight discomfort during the filler application, but rest assured, it's a fleeting sensation.
Are There Any Belotero Risks?
Our commitment to your well-being is paramount. While some minor swelling around the treated areas is possible, it's typically minimal and transient, a small step in your journey toward lasting beauty.
What is Belotero Best For?
Belotero shines in its ability to elegantly smooth out lines and wrinkles. It's a maestro in adding volume to lips, cheeks, and the delicate areas under your eyes, sculpting a radiant and youthful visage.
How Long Does it Take for Belotero Filler to Settle?
The magic of Belotero lies in its rapid settling time. The transformation is almost immediate, unveiling your enhanced beauty without delay.
How Long Does Belotero Filler Last?
Belotero's effects last anywhere from six months to two years.
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  • How Painful is Belotero Filler?
  • Are There Any Belotero Risks?
  • What is Belotero Best For?
  • How Long Does it Take for Belotero Filler to Settle?
  • How Long Does Belotero Filler Last?
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