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While sun spots are usually harmless and can showcase the many years you’ve spent basking in the sun, sun spot removal should be your next treatment if you’re looking for that all-over even skin tone. At Impressions Face + Body, we have the tools and techniques to give you that glowy, vibrant complexion you’ve dreamed of.

What Are Sun Spots?

Also known as age spots due to their accumulation throughout your life, sun spots are small and dark areas on the skin. They usually collect in areas most exposed to the sun’s rays, like the shoulders, face, and hands. We offer a range of specialized treatments that target the spots in various rays.

What Causes Sun Spots?

Sun spots arise from the skin's protective response to prolonged ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. To shield itself, the skin ramps up melanin production—the pigment that gives skin its color—resulting in these concentrated, darker areas. Over the years, repeated sun exposure without adequate protection can result in a sprinkling of these spots, marking the memory of sunny days spent without sunscreen or protective clothing.

Sun Spot Removal Treatments

Our range of treatments varies in intensity of approach and whether you want to target other aspects of your skin or just your sun spots.


Chemical peels

Chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution that causes the outer layers of skin to peel off, revealing new, less damaged skin underneath, diminishing the appearance of sun spots.


This is a mechanical exfoliation method where fine crystals or a diamond-tipped device is used to buff away the surface layer of the skin.

Laser treatments

Laser therapy is often very effective for sun spots as it can target and break down melanin in the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Chicago’s Trusted Sun Spot Removal Specialists

All the Impressions Face + Body specialists are trained at the highest caliber and led by world-renowned surgeons, like Dr. Steven Dayan. Only the best professionals and high-quality treatments can remove the deep and dark shades of sun spots thoroughly, and we offer an in-depth range of treatments so you can find the best fit for you.

How much does sun spot removal cost in Chicago?
Depending on the severity of your sun spots and the specific treatment you choose to have, the cost can vary greatly. We will always give you a detailed cost breakdown in your consultation with us.
How painful is sun spot removal?
Again, this depends on the treatment chosen. Chemical peels can tingle and sting a bit. Microdermabrasion is known to be slightly uncomfortable, with a gritty feeling. Laser treatment can cause a minor burning sensation. Our specialists employ excellent techniques to minimize pain as much as possible.
How long do sun spot removal results last?
One of the most long-lasting sun spot removal treatments, laser therapy, can produce results that last 2-5 years.
What procedures pair well with sun spot removal?
If you’re looking to improve the overall look and feel of your skin, you can add on DermaRich, a combination of 4 different skin-loving treatments that can transform and give you a boost of confidence.
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Sun Spot Removal
  • How much does sun spot removal cost in Chicago?
  • How painful is sun spot removal?
  • How long do sun spot removal results last?
  • What procedures pair well with sun spot removal?