Founded by the pioneering Dr. Steven Dayan and Dr. Benjamin P. Caughlin, Impressions is no ordinary clinic—it’s a global epicenter for aesthetic innovation. Dr. Dayan, renowned for his ‘Subliminal Difference’ and ‘Quiet Lift,’ is not just a surgeon but a bestselling author and industry consultant. Dr. Caughlin, celebrated for his trademarked procedures like Cheekago™ and The Face BBL™, is an international authority in jawline and buccal fat pad sculpting. Their techniques are not just innovative; they are world-exclusive to our clinic.
Our comprehensive array of services, which encompass non-surgical treatments, personalized beauty product solutions, and surgical procedures, address the varied needs of our global community. This promise is brought to life through the synergy of our talented team, including two expert injectors with over a decade of experience. At Impressions, your voice doesn’t get lost in the noise; it becomes part of our vibrant mosaic of individual expression. Here, your aesthetic ambitions aren’t just accommodated; they are our driving force. We are both practitioners and partners in your journey, giving you the tools to create your own beauty standards. Our patients come from all walks of life, each contributing a unique tile to our evolving tapestry, united in a singular mission: Liberating everyone to author their own aesthetic narrative. Impressions—led by distinguished surgeons, driven by groundbreaking innovation, and dedicated to empowering you to make an impression as unique as your own beauty.