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Embrace the beauty of your favorite facial features with Impressions Face + Body's facial contouring. Our expert team focuses on elevating the aspects you love - from cheekbones to browlines and lips. We skillfully enhance your natural contours for a look that's more symmetrical and authentically you. Experience the confidence that comes with a subtly refined, rejuvenated appearance.

Facial Contouring in Chicago

Impressions Face + Body celebrates the individuality of each client, recognizing the diverse preferences and needs in facial aesthetics. Our approach mirrors the rich diversity of Chicago, offering personalized solutions and tailored pre and post-procedure plans. Guided by esteemed facial plastic surgeons Dr. Dayan and Dr. Caughlin, our team employs innovative techniques that focus on minimizing scarring and maintaining your natural beauty. We're dedicated to ensuring each treatment reflects your desires and enhances your inherent allure.

What is Facial Contouring?

Facial contouring, or facial sculpting, is a cosmetic technique used to enhance and define various facial features. It can add dimension and symmetry to the face, creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Depending on individual preferences, this can be achieved using dermal fillers like Juvederm®, Perlane, or Restylane®, which add volume and shape to targeted areas. The result is a naturally enhanced, radiant look that aligns with your aesthetic goals.

Chicago’s Trusted Facial Contouring Experts

In Chicago, Impressions Face + Body is your go-to clinic for flawless facial contouring, thanks to the exceptional standards of our specialists and surgeons.

Featured Member

Dr. Steven Dayan

Dr. Steven Dayan is Chicago’s top facial plastic surgeon. He’s well known for his research and implementation of cutting-edge techniques that transform patients and inspire other surgeons worldwide. His numerous accolades, including the American Medical Association Foundation’s Leadership Award and placement on the New York Times Bestseller list, can be attributed to his empathetic patient care, his love for education, and his use of emerging cosmetic medicine procedures. 

With over 50,000 patients treated and 23 years of experience under his belt, you can be confident that Dr. Dayan and his team of specialists will go above and beyond to contour and sculpt your face to perfection.

Featured Memebers 3

Dr. Ben Caughlin

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin is a renowned cosmetic surgeon who has revolutionized the field with his Cheekago™ and The Face BBL™ procedures. He has a unique and bold approach to his work, and his innovative spirit sets him apart from other plastic surgeons.

Dr. Caughlin has received international recognition for his surgical artistry, and his techniques have been highlighted as a "surgical pearl" in prestigious medical journals such as Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. He is especially skilled in reshaping the buccal fat pad and creating defined jawlines, attracting clients worldwide seeking his transformative procedures.

Featured Member

Michelle Ruffino, MS, PA-C

Michelle is a highly skilled Physician Assistant certified by NCCPA and a respected American Academy of Physician Assistants member. Her extensive educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Medicine from Augustana College and a Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant studies from Rosalind Franklin University/The Chicago Medical School (2003). Michelle's expertise extends to clinical research and preceptorship programs for medical students and Physician Assistants. As an experienced injection specialist, she's committed to advancing the field and training injectors nationwide.

Featured Memebers 3

Selika Gutierrez-Borst, MS, RN

Selika Gutierrez-Borst, MS, RN, brings a wealth of experience to Impressions Face + Body's team. Armed with a Nurse Practitioner degree from North Park University and over two decades of diverse clinical experience, she is a versatile and skilled professional. Selika's expertise, spanning Aesthetic Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Adult Clinical Psychiatry, mirrors her commitment to holistic patient care. With 11 years in aesthetic medicine, Selika skillfully merges her vast knowledge with meticulous attention to detail and a compassionate touch. This unique blend of expertise and empathy has earned her the respect and trust of patients, making her an invaluable part of our team.

What To Expect for Your Facial Contouring Procedure

Whether it’s your first time undergoing a cosmetic medicine procedure or you’re familiar with dermal fillers, we take the time to thoroughly brief and support you at every stage—giving you the confidence to become your best self.

Your Facial Contouring Consultation

One of the best parts of a facial contouring procedure is that it can be customized to your exact aesthetic preferences. During your initial consultation, we take the time to get to know your goals and your unique facial features. Do you want a more symmetrical face? Or are you only looking to enhance specific features? These are questions we’ll discuss with you. We’ll also go over your medical history and answer any questions you may have. Then, we’ll come up with a personalized plan with you, including estimated costs, the dermal fillers we’ll use, and recovery guidelines.

How To Prepare for Your Facial Contouring

Before any cosmetic treatment involving fillers, there are certain things you must do to achieve your desired results as quickly and painlessly as possible. One of the cardinal rules of dermal fillers is to stop taking blood-thinning medications or supplements at least one week before your appointment to minimize bleeding from the injections.

You must avoid any unprotected sunlight for at least two weeks before your appointment, as sun-damaged skin will be more prone to scarring and pigmented healing. You may want to stop using any potentially irritating skincare products, such as retinoids. Please reschedule your treatment if you have active skin infections, including cold sores, fever blisters, and eczema.

During Your Facial Contouring Procedure

The driving force behind this treatment is the use of dermal fillers. While many dermal fillers are used to restore facial volume to reverse the visible signs of aging, there are special dermal fillers that can be used to contour the face. Generally, dermal fillers with thicker gel formulas are used to contour and sculpt the face. These special dermal fillers are injected into tissues deeper than the skin to enhance the shape and appearance of your bone structure and are also used in the sub-dermal skin tissues to restore or augment facial volume.

Your treatment appointments for facial contouring in Chicago will generally take about 20 to 40 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of work needed and the type of treatment that is happening. For example, facial contouring that only involves liquid fillers is one short 20-minute appointment, while you may have a separate appointment for energy-based treatments that may take as long as 40 minutes to complete.

Facial Contouring Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

Following your treatment, it's important to refrain from touching or rubbing the treated areas to ensure the even distribution of the filler. For the initial 24 to 84 hours post-treatment, it's advisable to sleep on your back to minimize any potential disruption to the filler. Additionally, during this period, it's best to avoid activities and environments that could lead to swelling, including hot tubs, hot showers, saunas, strenuous exercise, and direct, unprotected exposure to sunlight, including tanning beds.

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Contouring?

This treatment is ideal for any patient who wants to achieve facial perfection. From defining the bone structure of the face to augmenting facial features to enhance natural beauty, this treatment is ideal for any adult patient with aesthetic goals that can be achieved without surgery.

Facial Contouring Benefits

There are a few advantages of this treatment that are attractive to prospective patients, such as how long the results of the treatment can last and the minimal downtime you should expect after your treatment. Some other advantages include:

  • Non-Surgical: Non-surgical treatments are less painful and often just as effective as surgical treatments. A non-surgical treatment is less invasive, less traumatic, and has a significantly lower risk of any scarring. Although some surgical treatments may produce longer-lasting results, non-surgical treatments can usually achieve the same results much more quickly and are also more cost-effective.

  • Customizable: This treatment can be completely customized to your exact needs and aesthetic goals. No two facial contouring treatments are exactly the same because every patient is different. For example, some people don’t require any fillers for the lips, while others may require more; some people want to correct facial symmetry, while others merely want to enhance the appearance of select facial features. No matter what your aesthetic goal is, this treatment can help you customize your beauty to your exact standards.

  • Natural-Looking: One of the best advantages of this treatment is that it produces natural-looking results. The benefit of natural-looking results is that these results are generally more attractive and appealing.

    In general, cosmetic treatments that produce “plastic” results are considered failures since fake-looking results may suggest the patient is unhealthy. On the other hand, natural-looking results merely emphasize good health and fitness, which can significantly boost self-confidence.
How much does facial contouring cost in Chicago?
Several factors affect how much facial contouring can cost in Chicago. You’ll get a more detailed cost breakdown for your goals during your consultation.
Are there any facial contouring risks?
The use of dermal filler injections in facial contouring can cause adverse effects, including bruising, infection, asymmetry, and damage to the skin, resulting in scarring. These risks are possible but uncommon, especially when working with an experienced facial contouring surgeon like Dr. Dayan, who will help you understand the risks and minimize the chances of them occurring.
How long do facial contouring results last?
The results of this treatment will last for as long as 12 to 18 months, sometimes as long as 24 months. The longevity of your results will depend entirely on the specific type of filler that is being used for your treatment, as well as where the filler is being placed. For example, dermal fillers on the lips tend to only produce results that last for six to nine months, while fillers on the cheeks can last for up to two years.
What procedures pair well with facial contouring?
Laser therapy improves the quality of your skin and can help you look (and feel) refreshed as it targets fine lines, wrinkles, and irregular spots or textures on your face. It pairs well with facial contouring to give your entire face a beauty boost.
Does facial contouring make you look slimmer?
Because facial contouring can accentuate the natural grooves of your face, including your cheekbones, jawline, and tip of your nose, it can certainly make your face look slimmer and more defined.
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Facial Contouring
  • How much does facial contouring cost in Chicago?
  • Are there any facial contouring risks?
  • How long do facial contouring results last?
  • What procedures pair well with facial contouring?
  • Does facial contouring make you look slimmer?
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