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The natural aging process, while a testament to our life experiences, can sometimes challenge our perceptions of ourselves. While your inner beauty shines brightly, the external signs of age can affect self-confidence. At Impressions, we're here to support and enhance your natural beauty.

If you've noticed fine lines, dull skin, or remnants of past acne, dermaplaning offers a solution. This procedure gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, revealing a smoother and more youthful complexion beneath. Under the skilled hands of our Estheticians with years of experience, you can anticipate transformative results that will elevate your confidence.

Dermaplaning in Chicago

At Impressions Face + Body, self-care is pivotal to showcasing your radiant inner beauty. Our mission isn’t just about enhancing physical appearances and integrating holistic practices into your routine to bring out the best in you.

Dermaplaning is a testament to this philosophy. As a top choice for those seeking to rejuvenate their skin in Chicago, Impressions offers this gentle exfoliation method as a perfect addition to your self-care regimen.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a gentle, skin-resurfacing procedure that rejuvenates the complexion by exfoliating the outermost layer of the skin and eliminating "peach fuzz." Using a specialized ten-gauge scalpel in the hands of our trained medical staff, dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs are removed, revealing a radiant and silk-smooth surface.

Unlike some treatments that can be harsh, dermaplaning offers a softer approach to achieving youthful skin. Beyond its primary benefits, the procedure enhances makeup application, removal, and optimizes skincare product absorption.

Chicago’s Trusted Dermaplaning Specialists

At-home dermaplaning is becoming increasingly popular. However, to achieve the best results, it’s essential to have dermaplaning performed by an experienced specialist who uses high-quality instruments. Impressions Face + Body comprises some of Chicago's most trusted skin specialists, and our team will do everything possible to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

What to Expect for Your Dermaplaning Procedure

From your first contact with Impressions to your aftercare and beyond, we are here to support you and your beauty goals. Our team will carefully lay out everything you can expect from your dermaplaning procedure so that we are always on the same page.

Your Dermaplaning Consultation

We’ll get to know you and your skin type to formulate the best plan for your needs. We will examine your skin, discuss your medical history, and ask about your beauty goals.

How to Prepare for Your Dermaplaning

To ensure the best results, taking a few steps before your appointment for this quick and easy procedure is important. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Refrain from exfoliating your face for 5 days before the appointment.
  • Do not wax the area for 2 weeks before the appointment.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
Please note that if you have an extreme breakout, we ask that you reschedule your appointment.

During Your Dermaplaning Procedure

Dermaplaning is a straightforward procedure, usually completed in about half an hour. We start by cleansing your face to prepare the skin. Next, one of our skilled aestheticians will gently glide a scalpel across your skin, removing dead skin cells and the fine vellus hair from the top layer. After the treatment, we'll apply a hydrating moisturizer to soothe your skin, ensuring it remains smooth and radiant.

Dermaplaning Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

One of the benefits of dermaplaning is its minimal downtime. However, post-procedure care is essential for optimal results and ensuring your skin heals beautifully. Keep your skincare routine simple for the next few days. Opt for gentle cleansers and moisturizers, and avoid products with strong acids or retinoids.

Your newly exfoliated skin is more susceptible to UV damage. Make sunscreen your best friend, and wear it consistently when venturing outdoors. For the first few days, avoid excessive heat sources like saunas, hot tubs, or direct sun exposure to minimize the risk of irritation.

If you're a swimmer, waiting a week before diving into a chlorinated pool to avoid potential skin reactions is best.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is gentle and safe for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. However, if you have recently broken out with acne, our medical staff recommends waiting for any blemishes to fade. Dermaplaning the skin while there is acne present can cause irritation or redness.

Dermaplaning Benefits

Dermaplaning yields almost immediate results. Smoother, firmer, and healthier skin, with fewer signs of aging and acne scars, are among the most common benefits of dermaplaning. You may also find you can apply makeup more effortlessly, and skincare products are more easily absorbed into the skin.

Many professionals recommend getting dermaplaning every 4-6 weeks, however, it may be longer if you have extremely sensitive skin.

As your youth and vibrancy develop on the outside, your confidence will radiate from within.

How much does dermaplaning cost in Chicago?
The cost of a dermaplaning procedure depends on several factors. In our first consultation with you, we’ll outline all the costs involved.
Are there dermaplaning risks?
Dermaplaning is a very safe procedure, but some people may experience side effects, including infection, scarring, and skin discoloration after their procedure. Please contact our clinic if you have any concerns about your skin during the healing process.
How painful is dermaplaning?
You might feel a light scratching or stinging sensation as the scalpel moves over your skin, but dermaplaning is usually a very gentle procedure. Our team will make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible.
How long do dermaplaning results last?
Many people can experience rejuvenated skin for three to four weeks after dermaplaning, but results can vary from person to person.
What procedures pair well with dermaplaning?
Many utilize this treatment as part of their routine, pairing it with microneedling or a chemical peel to enhance the effects.
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  • How much does dermaplaning cost in Chicago?
  • Are there dermaplaning risks?
  • How painful is dermaplaning?
  • How long do dermaplaning results last?
  • What procedures pair well with dermaplaning?
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