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Aging is a natural part of life, and with it comes skin that isn’t as bouncy or firm as it was in your youth. While getting older and wiser is worth celebrating, sagging skin—especially in your cheeks or forehead—can dampen your confidence and how you perceive yourself. Impressions Face + Body offers thread lift procedures to give you the radiance and facial support to leave you feeling rejuvenated in no time.

Thread Lift in Chicago

At Impressions Face + Body, we stand as Chicago's premier cosmetic medicine clinic, dedicated to rejuvenating your appearance with unmatched expertise. Our team of specialists and surgeons seamlessly blend technical proficiency with empathetic communication, ensuring you feel supported throughout your journey with us.

What Is a Thread Lift?

Thread lift treatments involve the placement of threads of surgical suture material just beneath the skin. Once in place, these threads lift and support the skin from below. They fill in facial lines and folds to restore the patient’s youthful facial contours. They also jumpstart collagen production, which further renews the skin.

After they’ve helped rebuild the infrastructure beneath the skin, the threads dissolve naturally and safely. This usually happens after about six months.

Chicago’s Trusted Thread Lift Specialists

Our incredible team of specialists is as diverse as our home city, Chicago, and we’re just as dedicated to bringing across the beautifully vibrant and unique culture to our clinic. Our team is led by Chicago’s #1 facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Dayan. Known for his impeccable patient care, being a NYT bestselling author, a well-loved professor, and pursuing cutting-edge cosmetic medicine techniques, Dr. Dayan continuously challenges the status quo to bring only the best to his 50,000+ patients.

What to Expect for Your Thread Lift Procedure

A thread lift is an effective, easy treatment offered by Impressions Face + Body that can help you achieve healthier, more youthful skin.

Your Thread Lift Consultation

During your consultation, we'll thoroughly discuss the various thread lift options available. We'll also take before photographs, brief you on potential risks, and guide you through the necessary preparations to guarantee a smooth and effective procedure.

How to Prepare for Your Thread Lift

You’ll receive specific guidelines on the best way to prepare for your thread lift, but general considerations include being in good overall health, ensuring your allergies are accounted for, and stopping smoking beforehand.

During Your Thread Lift Procedure

Thread lifts are a simple, straightforward treatment that is often performed in less than an hour. We’ll start by cleansing and numbing the treatment area and making a few marks on your skin that will guide us as we work. We’ll then use a needle to lay several threads just below the skin's surface in the treatment area.

The way that we place the threads and the shape of the threads that we use will depend on what your cosmetic goals are. Spiral-shaped threads, for example, are an excellent choice for building facial volume. Rough-hewn threads that resemble the shape of barbed wire are ideal for hooking into loose skin and lifting it, and smooth threads injected in a mesh-style pattern serve as a framework for collagen to grow on, plumping and firming the skin.

Thread Lift Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

Because a thread lift is non-invasive, you can resume your normal routine after the procedure. A complete recovery is estimated to be 2-3 weeks post-procedure, and we do advise you to avoid facial massages, lying face down while sleeping, or intense exercise during recovery.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Thread Lift?

Ideal candidates are often bothered by various aspects of aging skin, especially if facial serums and other skincare products haven't delivered the desired results. Being in good general health is vital, and those pregnant or breastfeeding should abstain from the treatment. It's also important that the skin in the target area be healthy and free of infection or inflammation, so taking proper care in the days leading up to your treatment is crucial.

Thread Lift Benefits

Apart from being non-invasive, ensuring a quicker recovery period, thread lifts effectively rejuvenate the skin, addressing various signs of aging. The process not only brings back youth and vitality to your skin but also enhances the natural beauty of your eyes, smile, and other facial features by lifting sagging skin. One standout feature of the treatment is the gradual and natural results. Over the course of six months, your skin sees improvement without the overt signs of a procedure.

What sets this treatment apart is its customizability. No two thread lifts are alike. Whether you're primarily concerned about sagging cheeks or lined skin on your neck, the treatment can be tailored to address your specific needs. Another significant benefit is the natural-looking results; with improvements that develop gradually over six months, you'll never appear as if you've had work done.

How much does a thread lift cost in Chicago?
We will let you know the cost of your personalized procedure during your consultation. The average cost of a thread lift is difficult to estimate across Chicago, as it can depend on how many areas of your face are affected, the caliber of the clinic, and other factors.
How painful is a thread lift?
During a thread lift, local anesthesia is administered, making it a generally pain-free procedure. There may be some soreness or bruising during recovery, but the recovery process is commonly described as being less painful than a facelift.
Are there any thread lift risks?
Some risks include infection, difficulty moving your face or opening your mouth during recovery, and persistent pain post-procedure.
How long do thread lift results last?
Thanks in part to this treatment’s ability to stimulate collagen, it’s not uncommon for patients to enjoy their thread lift results for 18 months. That’s considerably longer than the results of other cosmetic treatments, such as botulinum toxin injections and certain dermal fillers.
What procedures pair well with a thread lift?
A thread lift pairs well with other complexion-enhancing procedures, like microneedling. We offer Morpheus8 at our clinic, which helps to further boost collagen and reduce wrinkles.
How to reduce swelling after thread lift?
We will provide you with all our recovery and aftercare tips post-procedure, but general tips to keep in mind include gently pressing a cold compress over the affected areas.
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Thread Lift
  • How much does a thread lift cost in Chicago?
  • How painful is a thread lift?
  • Are there any thread lift risks?
  • How long do thread lift results last?
  • What procedures pair well with a thread lift?
  • How to reduce swelling after thread lift?
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