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Struggling to redefine your chin and jawline, despite dedicated efforts with diet and exercise? It's a common challenge, but one that doesn't always require the complexities of surgery.

At Impressions Face + Body Clinic, we present a refined, non-surgical solution: Kybella injections, masterfully performed by Dr. Dayan, one of Chicago's most trusted experts in this innovative treatment. Dr. Dayan's extensive experience, including being one of the first in the U.S. to administer Kybella, ensures your safe and effective journey to a sculpted chin.

Kybella Injections In Chicago

Whether you seek a full-on transformation or wish your enhancement to be more subtle, our mission at Impressions Face + Body is to understand and fulfill your unique vision. Our clinic in the heart of Chicago has fostered a reputation of excellence in our field, stemming from Dr. Dayan's artistry and expertise. Dr. Dayan has dual board certification, 23 years in the profession, and a drive to innovate. All of these factors have built him into a beacon of facial aesthetics.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella, a marvel in aesthetic medicine, harnesses deoxycholic acid—a natural agent your body already knows well. This substance, integral to your digestive system, plays a crucial role in breaking down dietary fats for easier absorption. Interestingly, you can also find deoxycholic acid at work in certain foods, where it acts as an emulsifier.

At Impressions Face + Body Clinic, our specialists skillfully administer FDA-approved Kybella injections to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells under the chin. Once treated, these cells lose their ability to store or accumulate fat. The result? A permanently redefined and contoured profile, crafted with the utmost precision and care by our experts. Dive into the transformative journey with Kybella, where lasting results meet the pinnacle of professional expertise.

Chicago's Trusted Kybella Specialists

At Impressions Face + Body, we stand as Chicago's foremost authority in Kybella treatments. Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust and unparalleled expertise in the art of double chin reduction.

We take pride in offering a highly specialized Kybella experience, where safety and personalized attention are the cornerstones of our practice. Our team of board-certified specialists, guided by some of the industry's most seasoned experts, is committed to delivering results that are not just effective but also harmoniously natural.

What To Expect For Your Kybella Procedure

At Impressions Face + Body, your journey is about more than just treatment—it's about experience. We place your needs, trust, and comfort at the forefront, ensuring every visit is as rewarding as the outcomes we deliver. Your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

Your Kybella Consultation

Your initial Kybella consultation at Impressions Face + Body is where transformative possibilities begin. This crucial step lays the groundwork for a life-changing experience, tailored to enhance your profile.

During this session, our licensed Kybella specialists, recognized for their exceptional experience nationwide, will evaluate the specific areas of concern around your chin and neck. They will delve into your aesthetic goals and review your medical history to ensure a holistic understanding of your needs.

Our team will develop a precise, individualized treatment plan, leveraging their world-class expertise. They will provide a comprehensive overview of the Kybella injection process, what to expect during recovery and a clear understanding of the costs involved. This thorough approach guarantees that you embark on your Kybella journey with confidence and clarity.

How To Prepare For Kybella

It's suggested to avoid Niacin supplements, alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine for 24 to 48 hours before (and after) Kybella injections to avoid increased bruising, swelling, and irritation. Pretreat any potential cold sores with acyclovir before your injections. We will discuss all preparations you may need to take during your consultation.

During Your Kybella Procedure

At Impressions Face + Body, we recognize that each Kybella journey is as individual as you are. The number of sessions required to see your desired results will vary, with many patients noticing a visible difference within two to four treatments, typically spaced one month apart.

One of Kybella's most appealing aspects is its non-surgical nature—no invasive procedures, just targeted injections. And perhaps even more conveniently, each session is remarkably brief. Imagine stepping in for a treatment lasting just about 20 minutes, easily fitting into your lunch break.

During your session, our specialist will carefully map out the treatment area under your chin. We ensure your comfort with a topical anesthetic for a pain-free experience. After the injections, we'll apply ice packs to minimize any discomfort and swelling, rounding off your visit with attentive care.

Kybella Aftercare & Recovery Time

Post-Kybella treatment, expect to experience some mild to moderate swelling, a sign indicating that the treatment effectively targets the fat cells. You'll see the transformative results as your body gradually processes and eliminates these cells.

For a smooth recovery, we recommend sleeping with your face up and head slightly elevated, which helps maintain the treatment's effectiveness and minimizes potential side effects. Treating the area gently is essential, avoiding touching, massaging, pressing, or rubbing, as these actions irritate the skin.

We also advise a short break from vigorous exercise for about 3-5 days post-treatment. Staying well-hydrated and avoiding excessive heat or sun exposure will further aid healing.

Am I A Good Candidate For Kybella?

In the quest for a youthful, radiant complexion, many face the challenge of a genetic predisposition like a double chin—a feature that often resists even the most dedicated efforts of diet and exercise. If this resonates with your experience, Kybella could be the transformative solution you've been seeking.

However, it's important to note that Kybella is not suitable for everyone. Specifically, it should not be administered during pregnancy or if you have recently undergone invasive facial surgery.

At Impressions Face + Body, we're committed to guiding you through your aesthetic journey with care and expertise, ensuring treatments like Kybella are a safe and effective choice for your unique circumstances.

Kybella Benefits

Embarking on your Kybella journey at Impressions Face + Body brings a spectrum of benefits, each designed to enhance your self-confidence and rejuvenate your appearance. Here's what you can look forward to with our expertly administered Kybella injections:

Targeted Double Chin Reduction: Kybella's primary aim is to significantly diminish or completely erase the appearance of your double chin, offering a more defined profile.

Focused on Submental Fullness: It's crafted specifically to tackle submental fullness, sculpting the area under your chin for a sleeker, more contoured look.

Safe and Comfortable: With minimal risk of adverse reactions and a generally pain-free experience, Kybella stands out as a safe choice.

Youthful, Leaner Appearance: Post-treatment, many patients report looking more youthful and leaner, thanks to the refined contours of their jawline and neck.

Minimal Downtime: One of Kybella's greatest advantages is the brief recovery period, allowing you to quickly resume your daily activities.

Swift, Non-Invasive Procedure: The treatment process is not only quick but also non-invasive, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

How much do Kybella injections cost in Chicago?
The cost of your Kybella treatment will vary, as it is tailored to your specific needs. Some may achieve their desired results in just a few sessions, while others may require more. This variation in treatment plans naturally leads to differences in pricing. We encourage an open and transparent discussion about the costs of your therapy with your specialist after your consultation, ensuring clarity and alignment with your goals and budget.
Are there any risks related to Kybella?

Following your Kybella treatment at Impressions Face + Body, it's common to experience mild to moderate pain, bruising, and swelling. Typically, swelling peaks around 24 hours post-treatment and may take up to three weeks to fully subside. While less common, some patients might notice numbness or a firm sensation in the treated area, but these sensations also gradually diminish over several weeks.

To alleviate any discomfort, we recommend gentle application of ice and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your recovery, ensuring a smooth, comfortable healing process as you embrace the transformative results of your treatment.

How many Kybella treatments are needed?
Each patient's condition is unique; therefore, the number of therapies needed to achieve full results depends. Most patients have experienced visible results between two to four sessions spaced one month apart.
How long do the results from Kybella last?
While Kybella offers a permanent transformation by naturally eliminating fat cells, maintaining a balanced lifestyle with a regular diet and exercise routine is key to preserving your stunning results.
Is Kybella safe?
Kybella has risks for side effects like any treatment, but the chance of highly adverse effects is minimal. Kybella is FDA-approved and classified as safe for patients.
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  • How much do Kybella injections cost in Chicago?
  • Are there any risks related to Kybella?
  • How many Kybella treatments are needed?
  • How long do the results from Kybella last?
  • Is Kybella safe?
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