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Our facial features change as we age, and while you might embrace some of these changes, others may leave you feeling less like the physical version of yourself that you love. Your lips speak volumes about who you are, and you might consider lip augmentation for many reasons. Lip augmentation can add volume to thinning lips, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve symmetry, or simply enhance your natural beauty. At Impressions Face + Body, we understand that everyone is unique, and we take pride in working with you to realize the aesthetic ideal that you hold for yourself.

Lip Augmentation in Chicago

When you undergo a cosmetic procedure—surgical or not—you entrust your body and appearance to another. At Impressions Face + Body in Chicago, we understand that this requires trust and confidence. Our team of renowned surgeons and experts—led by Dr. Dayan—offer decades of experience backed by cutting-edge technology. Combining science and artistry, our experts can help you achieve tangible, satisfying results that respect your individuality and augment your innate beauty.

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation describes cosmetic procedures that change the lips by adding volume, improving symmetry, or increasing definition. Simply put, lip augmentation refers to any procedure that enhances or improves your lips.

Types of Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a broad term that covers both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dermal fillers are the most common type of lip augmentation. This procedure involves injecting a filler such as hyaluronic acid into the lips to enhance their volume. This simple procedure has a low risk of side effects and is generally well-tolerated.

However, the results are not as long-lasting as those from surgical procedures such as fat grafting surgery—in which fat is taken from another part of your body and transferred to your lips—and silicone implants. Silicone implants are the longest-lasting type of lip augmentation, but this procedure also comes with the highest risk of complications.

Chicago’s Trusted Facelift Surgeon

Impressions Face + Body in Chicago is your trusted destination for lip augmentation procedures that yield sophisticated and natural-looking results. Our board-certified surgeons and expert injectors take pride in ensuring that your experience, from your primary consultation to follow-up care, is curated to meet your individual needs.

Featured Member

Dr. Steven Dayan

A leading researcher and educator in the field of facial plastic surgery, Dr Dayan is at the cutting-edge of new developments in cosmetic surgery and procedures. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr Dayan is also the founder of a medical research company and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr Dayan, who has more than 23 years of experience in clinical practice, is committed to providing each and every one of his patients with the highest quality care. By becoming one of those patients, you are one step closer to realizing your aesthetic ideals and revealing your inner beauty and vitality.

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Dr. Ben Caughlin

Dr. Caughlin's trademarked procedures are Cheekago™ and The Face BBL™ have put him on the map as one of the world’s most sought after facial surgeons. His approach is rooted in emphasizing the natural beauty unique to each individual. Through in-depth consultations and facial assessments, he crafts personalized rejuvenation strategies for every patient. He aims to deliver a naturally vibrant, youthful appearance using the least invasive methods.

What to Expect for Your Lip Augmentation Procedure

At Impressions Face + Body in Chicago, we provide seamless and comprehensive care from your first consultation to your follow-up appointment.

Your Lip Augmentation Consultation

During your primary consultation, our specialists will take the time to get to know you and your medical history, and to understand what you hope to achieve aesthetically with this procedure. Based on this information, they will guide you on the best lip augmentation procedure, informing you about the techniques used, the expected recovery timeline, the potential risks or side effects, and any associated costs.

How to Prepare for Your Lip Augmentation

Adequate preparation will help ensure your lip augmentation procedure is as successful as possible. You will be provided with comprehensive pre-procedure guidelines that might involve adjustments to certain medications or supplements that you are taking, so it is important that you provide a thorough account of this information in your primary consultation. General pre-procedure recommendations include quitting smoking two weeks before the procedure (to improve healing), avoiding alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the procedure, and staying hydrated.

During Your Lip Augmentation Procedure

Your experience on the day of the procedure will depend on what you have chosen to undergo. Before we begin, our team will thoroughly explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you might have. Broadly speaking, you can expect the following.

Dermal fillers

Your lips will be numbed with a topical anesthetic. Then, the filler will be injected into your lips using a fine needle. The specialist will then massage your lips to distribute the filler evenly. You can expect the procedure to take about thirty minutes.

Lip Lift

A Lip Lift is a surgical procedure designed to elevate and enhance the upper lip, giving it a fuller, more appealing look. During this procedure, our cosmetic specialist will reduce the space between your upper lip and nose. By removing a portion of tissue, the lift achieves a natural appearance, delivering the voluptuous lips you've always desired. Additionally, the procedure accentuates the lip border and can be tailored to subtly turn the lip corners upward, bestowing a gentle smile.

Lip Augmentation Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

The Impressions Face + Body team will accompany you on every step of your transformation journey; this includes closely monitoring the initial stages of your recovery, providing comprehensive post-operative or post-procedure guidance, and scheduling follow-up appointments to ensure that any concerns or complications are addressed.

Your recovery timeline will be based on the type of lip augmentation procedure, personal factors, and how strictly you adhere to aftercare guidelines. While there is no one-size-fits-all recovery timeline, you can expect to return to your usual activities within a few days of having dermal fillers (although it may take up to two weeks for the swelling to subside completely).

While lip lifts are a surgical procedure and might not cause pain during the treatment, they do necessitate a recovery period. During this time, you may experience some discomfort as your lips heal and settle into their enhanced shape.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation?

If you are healthy, don’t smoke, and have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure, you are a good candidate for lip augmentation. They might not be a good fit for those with active infections, bleeding disorders, autoimmune disorders, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Lip Augmentation Benefits

Lip augmentation can add volume to the lips, improve their shape or symmetry, decrease creases and wrinkles, and create a youthful appearance. If you have undergone another cosmetic procedure, such as a facelift, lip augmentation can be used to restore balance to your features. Lip augmentation can also be used to correct congenital deformities or repair damaged lips due to trauma or illness.

Lip Augmentation Risks

The risks associated with lip augmentation depend on the type of procedure. For example, fat grafting or implant surgeries, which require general anesthesia, come with greater risks than dermal fillers. General risks associated with lip augmentation procedures include:

  • Bruising and swelling: this relatively mild side-effect usually subsides within a few days (fillers) or weeks (surgeries).
  • Infection: any medical procedure such as lip augmentation comes with the possible risk of infection. For this reason, it is important to only use experienced and trusted healthcare providers and to follow aftercare instructions assiduously.
  • Asymmetry: if the filler is not injected evenly or your lips heal unevenly, this could result in asymmetrical lips.
  • Allergic reaction: while rare, it is possible to experience an allergic reaction to filler material.
  • Vascular compromise: another rare but serious complication, vascular compromise can occur when filler is injected into a blood vessel. This can cause tissue death and scarring.

Specifically, each type of procedure is associated with its own additional risks.

  • Dermal fillers: the filler material can potentially migrate to other areas of the face.
  • Fat grafting: fat cells may not survive the transplant process, leading to fat necrosis (death of the fat cells) and infection.
  • Lip implants: the risks associated with implants include rejection, implant migration (the implant moving somewhere it shouldn’t), and nerve damage.
While relatively safe, lip augmentation procedures are not without risks. By choosing a credible and experienced practitioner, you minimize the risk of complications.
How much does lip augmentation cost in Chicago?
The cost of lip augmentation in Chicago varies depending on the type of procedure you choose and the experience of your practitioner. To get a more accurate idea of the cost associated with lip augmentation, schedule a consultation with the team at Impressions Face + Body.
How Painful is Lip Augmentation?
As lip augmentation is usually performed under some sort of anesthesia, the procedure is not generally painful. You might feel a slight pinch or discomfort as the filler is injected. As with any procedure that causes bruising or swelling, you may experience pain or discomfort afterward. If you experience any severe pain, be sure to inform your doctor immediately.
How long do lip augmentation results last?
The longevity of lip augmentation depends on numerous factors, including the type of procedure, biological factors (such as your age), and your lifestyle. Dermal fillers typically last 6-18 months but can last longer in some individuals. Fat grafting results can last several years but not quite as long as surgical implants. In general, lip augmentation results will last longer in younger people who follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
What procedures pair well with lip augmentation?

If you want to create a more youthful or harmonious facial appearance, you might consider pairing lip augmentation with other cosmetic procedures. Procedures commonly paired with lip augmentation include:

  • Botox or Dysport: injections used to relax muscles around the mouth, resulting in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Dermatological fillers: just like your lips, fillers can add volume to your cheeks, chin, or temples to create a more youthful look.
  • Rhinoplasty: more commonly known as a “nose job,” this procedure can be used to reshape your nose to create a harmonious balance with your lips and other features.
  • Facelift: tightening and lifting the skin on the face and neck can contribute to a more youthful appearance.
How would I look with lip augmentation?
It is important to have realistic expectations about the effect that lip augmentation will have on your appearance. While lip augmentation can enhance and highlight your natural attributes, it won’t transform you into someone else.
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Lip Augmentation
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  • How would I look with lip augmentation?
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