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If you’re following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and have lost weight, it can be frustrating if the mirror doesn’t reflect your efforts. You may wish you had a flatter stomach or thighs, tighter skin, or less body fat. If this sounds like you, body contouring could be your final step towards physical transformation.

At Impressions Face + Body Clinic, our professional body contouring procedures can help you achieve your desired physical goals and boost your self-confidence.

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12-21 DAYS

If you’re following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and have lost weight, it can be frustrating if the mirror doesn’t reflect your efforts. You may wish you had a flatter stomach or thighs, tighter skin, or less body fat. If this sounds like you, body contouring could be your final step towards physical transformation.

At Impressions Face + Body Clinic, our professional body contouring procedures can help you achieve your desired physical goals and boost your self-confidence.

Body Contouring in Chicago

Welcome to Impressions Face + Body Clinic, nestled in the heart of Chicago. Our clinic stands out for its distinctive approach to aesthetic care. We specialize in refining your look to enhance your natural beauty in a subtle yet transformative way. Body contouring is one of our many services, offering a significant and positive change in appearance.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring, also known as body sculpting, is an innovative way to reshape and redefine your body's contours. This technique is ideal for targeting those stubborn pockets of fat that don't seem to budge, even with diet and exercise. Body contouring offers a non-invasive solution to alter the circumference of your waist, thighs, and other areas, helping you achieve a more toned and proportionate silhouette.

Our clinic specializes in two advanced body contouring technologies: CoolSculpting® and EMSCULPT®.

Types of Body Contouring



CoolSculpting® uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells, perfect for reducing fat in specific areas like the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It's a great option if you're close to your ideal body weight but want to eliminate those last stubborn fat deposits.


EmSculpt® goes a step further by reducing fat and building muscle. It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to induce powerful muscle contractions, enhancing muscle tone and strength. It's particularly effective for improving the definition of the abdomen and lifting the buttocks.

Chicago’s Trusted Body Contouring Specialists

Our elite team of specialists in non-surgical body contouring are renowned for their expertise and innovative approaches. With their decades of experience and a profound understanding of aesthetic enhancement, our experts are adept at sculpting and reshaping the body without invasive surgery. Our non-surgical body contouring treatments are tailored to suit diverse needs and lifestyles, ensuring you can see and feel personalized care and results. Trust in our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction as we help you achieve your desired body shape, backed by the expertise and care of Chicago's trusted professionals.

Featured Member

Michelle M. Ruffino, MS, PA-C

Michelle M. Ruffino, a certified Physician Assistant and esteemed member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, has established herself as a leader in aesthetic medicine. With a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Medicine from Augustana College and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Rosalind Franklin University/The Chicago Medical School (2003), her educational foundation is robust.

Renowned as an injection specialist, Michelle's expertise extends beyond patient care to encompass clinical research and educational initiatives for medical students and Physician Assistants. She plays a crucial role in training professionals across the country, significantly contributing to the advancement of aesthetic medicine.

Featured Memebers 3

Selika Gutierrez-Borst, MS, RN

Selika Gutierrez-Borst, MS, RN, a Nurse Practitioner with over 24 years of clinical experience, is a key member of our body contouring team at Impressions Face + Body. With a degree from North Park University, her expertise encompasses Aesthetic Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Adult Clinical Psychiatry. This diverse background underscores her commitment to comprehensive patient care.

Eleven years ago, Selika transitioned into aesthetic medicine, where she excels in non-surgical procedures, including CoolSculpting®, and collaborates with Dr. Steven Dayan in clinical and research capacities. Known for her meticulous approach and compassionate patient care, Selika is an invaluable asset to our clinic, ensuring the highest standard of service in every treatment.

What to Expect for Your Body Contouring Procedure

Our Impressions Face + Body team will be by your side throughout your non-surgical body contouring treatment journey. We are committed to honoring your unique needs, ensuring you receive a personalized experience that's both enlightening and tailored to you.

Your Body Contouring Consultation

Before your treatment, we will start with a consultation to understand your aesthetic goals and go through your medical history to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment. After that, we will examine the target areas to determine the best approach for you: CoolSculpting®, EMSCULPT®, or a combination of both. You can expect an explanation of the procedures, the desired outcomes, and a personalized treatment plan development that includes session details and a timeline. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and discuss any concerns, including post-treatment expectations and recovery. If you decide to proceed, we will provide you with information on the costs, payment options, and scheduling of your treatment sessions.

How to Prepare for Your Body Contouring

Preparing for EMSCULPT® and CoolSculpting® treatments is straightforward and involves minimal steps, ensuring your experience is hassle-free and comfortable:

Stay Hydrated: Ensure you're well-hydrated before your session, as hydration can aid treatment and recovery.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: A balanced diet can enhance the results of your body contouring treatment.

Avoid Blood-Thinning Medications: While not as critical as in surgical procedures, it’s still advisable to avoid blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs before the treatment to reduce potential bruising, especially with CoolSculpting®.

Comfortable Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment, as this will help you relax during the procedure.

No Recent Tanning: Avoid significant sun exposure or tanning in the treatment areas shortly before your session.

For EMSCULPT®, ensuring that your muscles are not fatigued from recent strenuous exercise can be beneficial. For CoolSculpting®, the primary concern is ensuring the skin and targeted areas are healthy without irritations or wounds.

Remember, each individual is unique, so it's always best to follow the specific advice given by the Impressions Face + Body team during your consultation.

During Your Body Contouring Procedure

As you prepare for your non-surgical treatment, our team ensures you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Procedures like CoolSculpting® and EMSCULPT® are generally painless, but you may experience slight sensations depending on the technology used.

During CoolSculpting®, a device is applied to the targeted area for fat reduction. You may initially feel a cold sensation, but it usually subsides. The procedure typically lasts between 35-60 minutes per area.

On the other hand, if undergoing EMSCULPT® for muscle toning, you will experience strong muscle contractions interspersed with relaxation phases. Each session usually takes approximately 30 minutes. Our specialists will be with you throughout the procedure, monitoring and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Body Contouring Aftercare & Recovery Timeline

Once the session is complete, you can return to your normal activities without downtime, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. Each session is a step towards achieving your desired body contours, and the full results are typically seen after a series of treatments.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

Body contouring is ideal for those near their target weight but struggling with the last few pounds. It's not a method for significant weight loss. Dr. Steven Dayan may suggest other weight loss strategies before considering contouring as a final touch.

This treatment isn't suitable for everyone. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or might be soon, should avoid it. Also, it's not recommended for those with a high sensitivity to cold. Your health and safety are our top priorities in determining whether body contouring suits you.

Body Contouring Benefits

Through innovative treatments like CoolSculpting®, body contouring offers a targeted approach to shaping your body. CoolSculpting® works by freezing fat cells, which are naturally eliminated from your body for good, perfect for tackling those stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise. While it is not a solution for significant weight loss, it effectively reduces unwanted fat pockets. Many clients experience a notable reduction in their clothing size and gain the attractive curves they've always desired.

EMSCULPT® goes a step further, reducing fat and enhancing muscle tone. This dual action provides a sculpted, more defined appearance, amplifying the benefits of body contouring. Whether you want to smooth out stubborn areas or define your physique, these treatments offer a tailored solution to meet your aesthetic goals.

How much does body contouring cost in Chicago?
The cost of body contouring varies greatly depending on the number of sessions needed to sculpt your ideal curves. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.
Are there any body contouring risks?
Both CoolSculpting® and EmSculpt® are FDA-approved treatments with minimal risks and side effects. It is important that when you get this treatment, you get it from a trained professional. Under the direction of Dr. Steven Dayan, our staff has performed many sculpting sessions for a wide variety of patients and treatment areas.
How Painful is body contouring?
There is little to no pain related to our body contouring treatments.
How long do body contouring results last?

With body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting®, the fat cells eliminated are gone permanently. Once your body naturally expels these cells, you can enjoy long-lasting results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-treatment is key to preserving these benefits. While it's true that new fat cells can form over time, a balanced diet and regular exercise can help you maximize and extend the effects of your treatment.

Similarly, the muscle toning and strengthening results from EmSculpt® are enduring, provided you continue with a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet will help maintain enhanced muscle definition and support the overall longevity of your treatment outcomes.

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Body Contouring
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  • How Painful is body contouring?
  • How long do body contouring results last?
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